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Articles for Archaeology and the OT


"What the Babylonian Flood Stories Can and Cannot Teach us about the Genesis Flood," by Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Biblical Archaeology Review4:4 (1978):32-41.


"The Antediluvian Section of the Sumerian King List and Genesis 5," by John Walton, Biblical Archaeologist 44 (1981):207-208.


"The Patriarchal Age: Myth or History? By Kenneth Kitchen, Biblical Archaeology Review21:2 (1995):48-57, 88, 90, 92, 94-95.


“Finding Historical Memories,” by Ronald Hendel Biblical Archaeology Review 21:4 (1995): 52-59 and 70-71 (his response to Kitchen above)


Nahum Sarna, "Exploring Exodus: The Oppression, "Biblical Archaeologist 49 (1986):68-80.


Robert Steiglitz, "Ancient Records and the Exodus Plagues, "Biblical Archaeology Review 13:6 (1987): 46-49


Donald Redford, "The Monotheism of the Heretic Pharaoh: Precursor of Mosaic Monotheism or Egyptian Anomaly? "Biblical Archaeology Review 13:3 (1987): 16-32


Charles Krahmalkov, "Exodus Itinerary Confirmed by Egyptian Evidence," Biblical Archaeology Review 20:5(1994):54-62, 79


Charles Dyer, "The Date of the Exodus Reexamined," Bibliotheca Sacra 140: 559 (1983):225-243


Eugene Merrill, "The Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition and the Emergence of Israel," Bibliotheca Sacra 152:606 (1995):145-162.


Gerald Mattingly, "The Exodus-Conquest and the Archaeology of Transjordan: New Light on an Old Problem," Grace Theological Journal 4 (1983):245-262.


Bryant Wood, "Did the Israelites Conquer Jericho?" Biblical Archaeology Review 16:2 (1990):44-58


Piotr Bienkowski and Bryant Wood, "Battle over Jericho Heats Up," Biblical Archaeology Review 16:5 (1990):45-49, 68-69 (this is Bienkowski's response to Woods earlier article above, and Wood's rejoinder).


Trude Dothan, "What We Know about the Philistines," Biblical Archaeology Review 8:4 (1982):20-44.


Hershel Shanks, " 'David' Found at Dan," Biblical Archaeology Review20:2 (1994):26-39


Philip Davies, " 'House of David' Built on Sand: The Sins of the Biblical Maximizers," Biblical Archaeology Review 20:4 (1994):54-55


Anson Rainey, "The 'House of David' and the House of the Deconstructionists," Biblical Archaeology Review 20:6 (1994): 47, 68, 70, 72


Leen Ritmeyer, "Locating the Original Temple Mount," Biblical Archaeology Review 18:2 (1992):24-45, 64-65


Leen Ritmeyer, "The Ark of the Covenant: Where it Stood in Solomon's Temple," Biblical Archaeology Review 22:1 (1996):46-55, 70-73


Ze'ev Meshel, "Did Yahweh have a Consort?" Biblical Archaeology Review 5:2 (1979):24-35


Glen Taylor, "Was Yahweh Worshipped as the Sun?" Biblical Archaeology Review 20:3 (1994):52-61, 90-91


Ruth Hestrin, "Understanding Asherah: Exploring Semitic Iconography," Biblical Archaeology Review 17:5 (1991):50-59


Alan Millard, "Daniel and Belshazzar in History," Biblical Archaeology Review 11:3 (1985):72-78