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Articles for Christian Ethics


JETS – Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society


John Rankin, " The Corporeal Reality Of Nepesh And The Status Of The Unborn," JETS 31:2 (1988):153-160


Dolores Dunnett, "Evangelicals and Abortion," JETS 33:2 (1990): 215-225


F. Beckwith, "Brave New Bible: A Reply to the Moderate Evangelical Position on Abortion," JETS 33:4 (1990):489-508


Rakestraw, Robert, "The Persistent Vegetative State and the Withdrawal of Nutrition and Hydration," JETS 35:3 (Sept. 1992), pp. 389-405


Russell Fuller, "Exodus 21:22-23The Miscarriage Interpretation and the Personhood of the Fetus," JETS 37:2 (1994):169-184