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Examples for Word Study Procedure

* Finding the Hebrew Word behind "abomination" in Dan. 9:27 in various word study tools for English-only readers (following the word study procedure).  The Procedure is the same for New Testament study (just use the sources for GREEK language study):

I.  Look up the word in Strong's Concordance (note my arrows and the numbers beside the words/verses)

II. Look up the word in the dictionary in the back of Strong's Concordance, using Strong's "number" (8251 in our case)

III.  Consult a collegiate level dictionary and thesaurus for ranges of meaning related to your word (this is designed to help you make "categories" of meaning

IV.  (you can do this on your own)

V.  Using Englishman's Hebrew-Chaldee Concordance (note the keying to Strong's number), you can see every occurrence of the HEBREW word that is behind the English of Daniel 9:27 in the entire Old Testament (this lets you see how the English translators translated your Hebrew word DIFFERENTLY at times).

VI-VIII.  (you can do this on your own)

IX.  Examples from Brown-Driver- Briggs Hebrew Lexicon (the "standard" in the field), TWOT index (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament; it has its own numbering system - but it is keyed to Strong's as well) and TWOT entry/discussion.

You will find that the other sources listed in the word study procedure work the same way - once you have Strong's number, you can tap into the more scholarly resources!
X-XI.  (on your own)