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Article list for History of the Bible

Chapters from Books

Craig Bahnsen, "The Inerrancy of the Autographa," in the book Inerrancy (ed. By Norman Geisler).This is therefore not just an article from a journal you may want to just loan the whole book; Bahnsen is dense at points, but there's nothing better on this subject.

Bibliotheca Sacra

Charles Ryrie, "Some Important Aspects of Biblical Inerrancy," Bibliotheca Sacra 136:541 (1979):16-24

Norman Geisler, "The Concept of Truth in the Inerrancy Debate," Bibliotheca Sacra 137:548 (1980):327-339

John Woodbridge, "Recent Interpretations of Biblical Authority, Part 4:Is Biblical Inerrancy a Fundamentalist Doctrine?" Bibliotheca Sacra 142:568 (1985):292-305

John Martin, "Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel, Part 3:The Text of Samuel,"Bibliotheca Sacra 141:563 (1984):209-222

Dan Wallace, "Some Second Thoughts on the Majority Text,"Bibliotheca Sacra 146:583 (1989):270-290

Dan Wallace, "The Majority Text and the Original Text:Are They Identical?"Bibliotheca Sacra 148:590 (1991)

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Louis Igou Hodges, "Evangelical Definitions of Inspiration: Critiques and a Suggested Solution," Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 37:1 (1994):99-114

Grace Theological Journal

Dan Wallace, "Inspiration, Preservation, and New Testament Textual Criticism," Grace Theological Journal 12:1 (1991):21-49