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Articles for History of Israel


Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society


"The Sphinx Stele Of Thutmose IV And the Date Of The Exodus," by Charles F. Aling, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society22:2 (1979):97-101


"The Reign Of Asa (2 Chronicles 14-16): An Example Of The Chronicler’s Theological Method,"Raymond Dillard, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 23:3(1980):207-218


"The Biblical City Of Ramses," by Charles F. Aling, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society25:2 (1982):129-137


"Covenant Conditionality And A Future For Israel," Ronald W. Pierce, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 37:1 (1994):27-38


Mark Chavalas, "Recent Trends In The Study of Israelite Historiography,"Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 38:2 (1995):161-169.


Biblical Archaeology Review


Ze'ev Meshel, "Did Yahweh have a Consort?"Biblical Archaeology Review 5:2 (1979):24-35


Bernard Batto, "Red Sea or Reed Sea?"Biblical Archaeology Review 10:4 (1984):56-63

Charles Krahmalkov, "Exodus Itinerary Confirmed by Egyptian Evidence," Biblical Archaeology Review 20:5(1994):54-62, 79


Alan Millard, "Daniel and Belshazzar in History,"Biblical Archaeology Review 11:3 (1985):72-78


Donald Redford, "The Monotheism of the Heretic Pharaoh:Precursor of Mosaic Monotheism or Egyptian Anomaly?"Biblical Archaeology Review 13:3 (1987): 16-32.

Robert Steiglitz, "Ancient Records and the Exodus Plagues,"Biblical Archaeology Review 13:6 (1987): 46-49


Bryant Wood, "Did the Israelites Conquer Jericho?"Biblical Archaeology Review 16:2 (1990):44-58

Piotr Bienkowski and Bryant Wood, "Battle over Jericho Heats Up," Biblical Archaeology Review 16:5 (1990):45-49, 68-69 (this is Bienkowski's response to Woods earlier article above, and Wood's rejoinder).


Adam Zertal, "Israel Enters Canaan:Following the Pottery Trail," Biblical Archaeology Review 17:5 (1991):28-47


Hershel Shanks, " 'David' Found at Dan," Biblical Archaeology Review20:2 (1994):26-39

Philip Davies, " 'House of David' Built on Sand:The Sins of the Biblical Maximizers,"Biblical Archaeology Review 20:4 (1994):54-55

Anson Rainey, "The 'House of David' and the House of the Deconstructionists," Biblical Archaeology Review 20:6 (1994): 47, 68, 70, 72

Glen Taylor, "Was Yahweh Worshipped as the Sun?" Biblical Archaeology Review 20:3 (1994):52-61, 90-91


"The Patriarchal Age:Myth or History? By Kenneth Kitchen, Biblical Archaeology Review21:2 (1995):48-57, 88, 90, 92, 94-95.

“Finding Historical Memories,” by Ronald HendelBiblical Archaeology Review 21:4 (1995): 52-59 and 70-71 (his response to Kitchen above)


Biblical Archaeologist

Nahum Sarna, "Exploring Exodus:The Oppression,"Biblical Archaeologist 49 (1986):68-80.

Volkmar Fritz, "Conquest or Settlement?The Early Iron Age in Palestine,"Biblical Archaeologist 50 (1987):84-100.


Bibliotheca Sacra


"The Duration of the Egyptian Bondage" by Harold W. Hoehner, Bibliotheca Sacra 126:504 (1969):306-316


Donald J. Wiseman, "Abraham In History And Tradition, Part I:Abraham The Hebrew," Bibliotheca Sacra 134:534 (1977):123-130

Donald J. Wiseman, "Abraham in History and Tradition, Part II: Abraham the Prince," Bibliotheca Sacra 134:535 (1977):228-237.


"Modern Rationalism and the Book of Daniel," Gleason L. Archer, Jr., Bibliotheca Sacra 136:542 (1979):129-147


"Archaeological Backgrounds of the Exilic and Postexilic Era Part I: The ArchaeologicalBackground of Daniel," Edwin M. Yamauchi, Bibliotheca Sacra 137:545 (1980):3-16

"Archaeological Backgrounds of the Exilic and Postexilic Era, Part 2: The Archaeological Background of Esther," Edwin M. Yamauchi, Bibliotheca Sacra 137:546 (1980):99-117


"Paul’s Use of “About 450 Years” in Acts 13:20," by Eugene H. Merrill, Bibliotheca Sacra 138:551 (1981):246-257


Charles Dyer, "The Date of the Exodus Reexamined," Bibliotheca Sacra 140: 559 (1983):225-243


"The Meaning of the Divine Name YHWH," Charles R. Gianotti, Bibliotheca Sacra 142:565 (1985):38-51

"Fulfillment of the Land Promise in the Old Testament," Jeffrey L. Townsend, Bibliotheca Sacra 142:568 (1985):320-333


"The Polemic against Baalism in Israel’s Early History and Literature," Robert B. Chisholm, Jr., Bibliotheca Sacra 151:603 (1994):267-283


Eugene Merrill, "The Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition and the Emergence of Israel," Bibliotheca Sacra 152:606 (1995):145-162.


"Divine Hardening in the Old Testament," Robert B. Chisholm Jr., Bibliotheca Sacra 153:612 (1996):410-434


Anchor Bible Dictionary

James K. Hoffmeier, "Egypt, Plagues in," in The Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. 2, pp. 374-378, Ed. By David Noel Freedman (Doubleday, 1992


Westminster Theological Journal


"Reward and Punishment in Chronicles: The Theology of Immediate Retribution,"Raymond B. Dillard, Westminster Theological Journal 46:1 (1984):164-172


"The Case for Kingship in Deuteronomy and the Former Prophets," David M. Howard, Jr., Westminster Theological Journal 52:1 (1990):101-115