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Learning Experiences for Old Testament Survey


Please read through this entire section thoroughly. It contains important information on assignments as well as submission instructions. Please note: all learning experiences must be completed before a final grade can be issued.


Required Textbooks


A Bible of your choice (I recommend reading from a study Bible of some type for help on answering questions)


* you are expected to read the entire Old Testament during the scope of the class.I am not assigning a schedule for this. I recommend that you read through the Old Testament carefully, but not for tight recall (something between skimming and memorizing).I recommend you read Baylis FIRST (see below for this textbook), and then go back and read your Old Testament to the point where the section in Baylis ended.This way you can also concentrate your closest reading to chapters actually discussed by Baylis.


Albert Baylis, From Creation to the Cross: Understanding the First Half of the Bible (Zond, 377 pp.)


John Sailhamer, Old Testament History (Zond, 96 pp.)


Recommended Methodology for Learning Experiences:


As a way to assist you in getting the most out of the learning experiences below, I suggest you do the following:

For the questions from the end of each chapter in Baylis:


Read Baylis thoroughly (I expect you to read the footnotes – at least the ones where he discusses points made in the text).Do only the assigned questions in Baylis (see the listing below; the numbers refer to the "For interaction and Discussion" sections at the end of each of Baylis's chapters).Please answer these questions on separate sheets of paper according to these directions:


Baylis lessons are to be TYPED and at least 1.5 spaced (double spacing is best), with fonts no larger than 12 point, and margins no larger than one inch. If you do not have access to a word-processor, assignments may be hand written, but will be returned if they are illegible. Staple the pages together, and put your name on the assignment! Type out the question first, and then the answer below it.


Individual lesson grades are maintained by the instructor, not Taylor University.Keep accurate records for yourself. You should keep photocopies of all materials turned in for grading


Assignment # 1 - Preliminary Reading Assignment– Read Sailhamer through completely to get a feel for the flow of OT history. Write down each period in the table of contents on a piece of paper and below each of these "headings" list important persons and events pertinent to that section. Write no more than on both sides (i.e., you should put all this down on one sheet of paper using both sides). Mail me a copy of what you produce (be sure to keep a copy for yourself to study from later).This will help you as a quick visual reference as you progress through the OT, and for the final exam. The preliminary assignment is worth 25 pts.


Assignment # 2 – Course Long Assignment -By the end of the course, you must turn in (typed) a book-by-book listing of all the books in the Old Testament with the following information for each:(1) Who wrote the book – along with a brief overview of the evidence that is used for this conclusion; (2) Approximately when the book is believed to have been written – again, along with a brief overview of the evidence that is used for this conclusion.

My advice is to use a good study Bible for this assignment, but you may use any other helpful books or internet sites.


Other Assignments - Written Assignments from Baylis' book


Each assignment based on the chapters in Baylis is worth 50 pts.


Questions to be answered from Baylis:


Pt. 1 Genesis 1-11: Basics for Understanding Life


 The God of Creation (Genesis 1); Q's 4 through 6                                                                                              

 The Story of Human Relationships (Genesis 2-3); Q's 3 through 7

 The Effects of Sin: Loss of Order and Balance (Genesis 3-11); Q's 1 through 4


Pt. 2 Genesis 12-Deuteronomy: God's Plan for Reversal


 A New Beginning (Genesis 12-50); Q's 2 through 4, 6 and 7

 A Redeemed People (Exodus); Q's 3 through 7, 11 and 12

 A New Nation: The Law (Exodus-Numbers); Q's 1, 4 through 9

 Living the Life: The Challenge of Deuteronomy; Q's 2 through 6


Pt. 3 Joshua-2 Kings: Struggle for Consistency


 Living by Faith (Joshua, Judges, and Ruth); Q's 1-2, 4, 7-8

 Modification to Monarchy (Samuel); Q's 1-2, 4 through 6

 Nation Heading for Judgment (Kings); Q's 1 through 3, 6-7


Pt. 4 Life in the Land


  Praise and Petition (The Psalms); Q's 1, 3 through 6

 Prudent Living (Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs); Q's 1 through 5, 9

 The Prophets of the Divided Kingdom; Q's 1-2, 5-6

 The Prophets of Judah and Exile; Q's 1 through 3, 5


Pt. 5 Restoration and Hope


 A Peg in the Holy Place (Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles, Esther); Q's 1 through 4, 8

 The Second Temple (Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi); Q's 1 through 3, 6

 Themes for the Future: New Testament Update; Q's 1 through 6


Final Assignment (Final Exam)


Upon completion of all the assignments above, I will mail the student the Final Exam. The exam must be proctored by either someone in Christian leadership (like your pastor), or an adult outside your family. You must provide (on the exam) the proctor's name, telephone number, and email address.


The exam will cover the above four "Learning Results." You will have to be able to trace OT history (I'll give you major periods out of order, and you will be required to put them in order and discuss each).You will also have to list (write) the books of the OT in order in under ten minutes (your exam proctor will certify your ability to do this). I will also give you either chapters or themes on the exam, and you will be required to give me the corresponding content or chapter number (these will be drawn primarily – but not exclusively – from Baylis).Lastly, I will ask you broad questions that you may answer with the assistance of a Bible (drawn primarily – but again not exclusively – from Baylis).I am assuming (for questions outside immediate comments from Baylis) that, during the course of the class, you have been reading important chapters from the Old Testament for understanding, and not just skimming them.