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Professor Mike Heiser's Homepage

Welcome distance learners of Taylor University's College of Adult and Lifelong Learning!  Below you will find some helpful information relating to the distance education classes I teach and oversee.

About Professor Heiser

I am an Adjunct Faculty member for the College of Adult and Lifelong Learning at Taylor University.  I have been teaching since 1992, but only recently joined Taylor's adjunct faculty.  My primary area of expertise is Old Testament / Hebrew Bible, but I have also taught courses in theology, New Testament, and ancient history.  I have masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (ancient history) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages).  I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation at the latter institution in the field of Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages.  My dissertation deals with the study of heavenly beings in Jewish religious literature in the intertestamental period.

My main areas of interest are Old Testament religion, ancient near eastern religions, Biblical Hebrew and other "odd" languages (like hieroglyphs, for instance), the history of the Bible, and the doctrine of angels.  Aside from these scholarly interests, I'm a big baseball and football fan, enjoy learning how to do more things on my computer, and am widely read in paranormal phenomena.  I have published several scholarly articles, and my first novel, a supernatural thriller entitled The Façade, is presently being considered for publication.

My wife Drenna and I are both natives of Pennsylvania (Lebanon, to be exact; it's near Lancaster), and we have three children:  Amy (8), Molly (6), and Calvin (15 months).  Needless to say, there's never a dull moment.  My wife has a degree in Biology Education, and is currently homeschooling our two daughters.

Class Information and Materials

Archaeology and the Old Testament

The Doctrine of Angels Genesis Christian Ethics History of Israel Dead Sea Scrolls Introduction to the Old Testament History of the Bible Bible Interpretation

Wisdom Literature

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